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Ohio State Testing

Ohio State Testing Information

·         Ohio State Tests (OST) will be administered to students who are currently enrolled in one or more of the following courses: English 9, English 10, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, US History, and US Government.

·         During testing times, AP teachers will be holding review sessions for any students not taking an OST.

·         We will be operating on bell schedule #14 to accommodate the testing window. Students will be required to attend periods that they have classes. Click here for the daily bell schedule for March 29th, March 30th, April 10th, April 13th, and April 19th. Included in the link is the schedule for testing subject(s) and AP study sessions. Please review the schedule with your student to make necessary arrangements.

·         Please note that the buses will run on a regular schedule on test days. Any student needing transportation who does not have a test or AP study session should report to the commons for a quiet study hall. Lunch will be provided in the commons from 11:20-12:00.

·         On April 19th, no formal classes will be held after testing. This time will be used for quiet study time in the Learning Center and commons and they may schedule tutoring sessions with their teachers. Teachers will have a Schoology assignment posted on April 19th for all students to complete.

·         Testing will begin promptly at 7:20am each day of testing, so it is important that your student arrives to school on time. Students need to bring headphones and pencils for each test. Students also need to bring a calculator for the math test.

·         Part-time DACC students should report to their assigned testing room at OHS by 7:20am for testing. Full-time DACC students should report directly to DACC on testing days.