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Inklings Writing Competition

Submission guidelines: 

> This year, there are FOUR categories for submission: FICTION, POETRY, ARGUMENT & DIGITAL STORY-TELLING. Students in grades 6 – 8 are eligible. 

  •    Fiction – Student-written stories and narratives 
  •    Poetry – Student-written poems of any style 
  •    Argument – Take a Stand! Write about an issue, using evidence to support your claims 
  •    *Digital story-telling – Present an original fiction piece, poem or an argument using a digital format. 


> Student entries can be no longer than three double-spaced pages in length or three minutes in length (digital). While excerpts from longer pieces are acceptable, the writing/digital story must stand alone on its own merits. 

> All entries must be original student writing. Fan fiction entries are discouraged, along with other extensions of movie and book plots. Digital stories must be an expression of original student writing. Be creative! Single-author entries only. 

> Students must submit entries to Lesley Wolf, Gifted Coordinator (OHMS). The Inklings Team will not accept entries directly from students, parents or classroom teachers due to the great number of entries anticipated. Students may submit one entry in each category, if they wish to do so, but all entries must be sent electronically. 

> Only student entries that receive a superior ranking at the building level will be submitted for the district-wide Inklings Awards. Mrs. Wolf can provide a copy of the holistic scoring rubric used in the competition, if requested. 

> Submit all entries online through Google Docs to the Mrs. Wolf. No paper copies will be accepted. Each entry MUST HAVE a title in the following format: 

Last name_school initials_category (Fiction, Poetry, Argument, Digital) 

Here is an example: Wolf_OHMS_FICTION 

> All entries are due by Friday, March 31st at 2:45 p.m. No late entries will be considered.